Not a loan.

A brand-new way to put down earnest money on a property

How many real estate deals have you walked away from due to a temporary lack of liquidity?

It’s the deal of a lifetime, but you need time to get the money together. Maybe you’re waiting for cash proceeds from the sale of another property, or your investors need you to put your own money in the game first. The real estate business moves fast, and you shouldn’t have to risk losing the deal because your money is tied up elsewhere.

What is a soft deposit?

A soft deposit, also called a good faith deposit or earnest money, is a deposit made to a seller showing that a buyer is serious about purchasing a property. This type of deposit is fully refundable should the buyer elect to terminate the contract at the end of the due diligence period.

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We specialize in a brand-new approach to providing soft deposits for real estate transactions. This is not structured as a loan, so we don’t perform credit checks or appraisals, and we don’t require personal guarantees or collateral. You remain in control of the deal, and at the end of the due diligence period, you decide whether to go hard on the contract

How it works

Calculate your costs

Fees are always less than 1% of the total purchase price. Regardless of whether you choose to move forward on the contract or not, fees are always less than 1% of the total purchase price (as long as the soft deposit requirement is 10% or less of the purchase price). For other deposit amounts, please contact us.

Why SoftDeposits?


Whether you choose to buy or not, our fees represent a very small percentage of the total cost of the property in exchange for not having to pass on a deal and allowing time to secure financing.

Fee Breakdown


Partnering with SoftDeposits keeps your investment secure. We don’t underwrite or engage in due diligence of the subject properties and information about the transaction is not disclosed to the seller without consent.

Our Process


SoftDeposits was developed by Winchester Equities, an independent real estate investment management firm with 14 years of experience. This is the first real estate option of its kind for buyers.

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